If you are not vaccinated, we kindly ask that you wear a mask while in our establishment. 


Please be aware, you are only allowed to reschedule 1 time with the same deposit. Following that time, you will be required to pay a new deposit to reschedule and your first deposit will be forfeited.


Services MUST be paid via Card; No Exceptions. Only Cash and Cash App is
Acceptable for Gratuity; not for services.

Late Cancellation Fee

Less than 24-hour cancellation will be charged a $15.00 fee in addition to the cost of your service. If you have paid in full online and you do not reschedule for within a 7 day period of your existing appointment, that amount will be forfeited also.


Your appointments are very important to our VELVET team professionals. We hold your appointments just for you & ask that if you must cancel or reschedule any appointment, you please provide us with 24-hour notice. This way, our team professionals will be able to adjust their schedules accordingly and we may be able to accommodate clients on our waiting list. We do, of course, understand that unavoidable issues come up and will do our best to work with you in case of an emergency, etc. However, if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance or ‘no shows’ occur you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee. 

No Call/No Show

No call/ no shows will be charged 100% or $65 of their allotted appointment time, whichever one is lesser. If there is a deposit on file, the card which gave the deposit will be charged for the remainder. If there is not, and you are a return customer, the last card on file will be charged. If there is no card on file and no deposit was left, the customer will be charged $15 No show fee when they call/choose to rebook in the future.There is a 10 minute grace period for all appointments. After the 11th minute, your appointment will be cancelled or rescheduled to prioritize the next customer. What constitutes as a no call no show?

  • No completed phone call to 757-550-1929 with a verbal confirmation of cancellation

  • Email to info@velvetwaxandbeauty.com more than 24 hours before your appointment

As a courtesy, we do call, text and/or email to confirm the date and time at least 24
hours prior to your appointment. If we are unable to reach you and only leave a
message, or cannot reach you at all, please understand that it is your responsibility to
remember your appointment dates and times in order to avoid missed
appointments and cancellation fees. You are always welcome to call and double
check any appointments if you’re unsure.

No Additional Guests

To ensure all practitioner and guest privacy, only one client is allowed in the treatment room at all times. Guests not being serviced must wait outside.



No refunds of products are permitted. Issues with the cost or type of service must be communicated at the time of service, and before it is started and completed.

Refunds for cancelled/rescheduled appointments will be made within  30 days of the appointment with an emailed request. To request a refund for a cancelled appointment email info@velvetwaxandbeauty.com with your full name and email.